The Counselor Trailer

Brad Pitt. Michael Fassbender. Javier Bardem. Penelope Cruz. Cameron Diaz. Such a sensational cast. Throw in the fact that it is directed by Ridley Scott and written by Cormac McCarthy, this movie has all the makings of a great film.

The Counselor is author Cormac McCarthy’s second screenplay. He wrote the novel “No Country For Old Men,” which was adapted by the Coen brothers and made into an Academy Award winning film and won Javier Bardem an Oscar. So, with that kind of history for McCarthy, this film has some expectations. Even The Road, another McCarthy film adaption, received critical acclaim. Now, the pressure is on McCarthy to deliver a solid screenplay.

Also, there is some pressure on director Ridley Scott. It seems as though this film could have the steam to head into Oscar season with some awards in mind. That is, if Scott can navigate through all the talent involved in this film. Hopefully, he, along with the film as a whole, delivers. And not for nothing, but I would love to see a Best Actor category that includes both Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio. That would be a doozy.

The Counselor is slated to be released on October 25, 2013. So for all the people not interested in the standard Halloween-type movie, this will be your way out!


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