Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer


The Coen Brothers are a two team tandem unlike any other in the movie business. They write and direct their films together and have a unique style of doing so. They have made hits such as Fargo  and No Country For Old Men. Their next film is Inside Llewyn Davis. It has a very Coen Brothers feel to it and I for one am excited.

Oscar Issac plays Llewyn Davis, a folk singer trying to find his way. A man who does not want to be ordinary, or square, and wants to experience what life has to offer, wherever that may take him. He does not seem to want to live the cookie-cutter life of settling in and getting married.

An interesting quote that I can not seem to get enough of is: “If you make a living out of it, more power to you.” John Goodman’s character utters these words from the back of a car and they seem so appropriate for anybody in any situation. It does not matter what endevor you’re trying to complete in life, if you make a living out of it, more power to you.

The aforementioned John Goodman is joined by Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake to round in a nice supporting cast. Look for this film in theaters December 6, 2013. Then look to the Academy Awards, where the Coen Brothers will be nominated for some aspect of this film.



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