Metallica: Through The Never Trailer

Metallica’s new trailer for their long awaited movie was released earlier this week and man, it’s rocks. Lars Ulrich said he wanted to reinvent the concert film by making it more of a narrative and by the looks of the trailer, the band accomplished that goal.

Alongside Ulrich, who is blasting away on the drums, the rest of the band is there. James Hetfield’s vocals and guitar work, Rober Trujillo’s heavy bassline, and Kirk Hammet’s ripping solos. The trailer is a Metallica fan’s wet dream.

As a band that has prided itself on being innovative, this might top the cake as the most ambitious project they have done to date. They have not released an album since 2008, since they have been tied up doing this movie. So, here’s to hoping that the movie lives up to the hype, which it seems destined to do.

Through The Never is set for release in IMAX 3D on 9/27 and everywhere on 10/4. Buckle up!


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