NFL Predictions

The 2013 season is upon us. I will never proclaim myself as a knowitall or anything, but I like to fancy myself with some predictions. Here is my breakdown of each division:

AFC East

1) Patriots 11-5

2) Dolphins 7-9

3) Jets 6-10

4) Bills 5-11


The Pats may not be what they have been over the last couple of years, but this division is theirs for the taking.

AFC North

1) Ravens 10-6

2) Bengals 9-7

3) Steelers 9-7

4) Browns 5-11


In easily the most competitive division in the AFC, I expect all the teams to beat up on each other and the poise of Harbaugh and Flacco will eventually prevail.

AFC South

1) Texans 12-4

2) Colts 7-9

3) Jaguars 5-11

4) Titans 5-11


The Texans should be able to run away with this division. I love Andrew Luck, but he doesn’t have enough around him yet.

AFC West

1) Broncos 12-4

2) Chiefs 9-7

3) Chargers 6-10

4) Raiders 3-13


Like the AFC South, the Broncos are the class of this division. Perhaps the Chiefs under a new coach could cause some concern.

NFC East

1) Giants 10-6

2) Cowboys 9-7

3) Redskins 7-9

4) Eagles 4-12


A bit of a homer pick, but I like the Giants to win this division. I expect RG3 to take a step back and Tony Romo will be Tony Romo. Play well, but fall short when it matters.

NFC North

1) Packers 11-5

2) Bears 10-6

3) Lions 9-7

4) Vikings 5-11


Like the AFC North, these teams should beat up on each other, but at the end of the day, I’ll take Aaron Rodgers to claim the division title. The Bears under a new coach could be a threat, but can Cutler rise to the occasion?

NFC South

1) Falcons 11-5

2) Saints 10-6

3) Panthers 9-7

4) Bucs 6-10


In what may be the most competitive division in the league, the AFC South will be settled by a dome team. I expect the Falcons to prevail over the reunion of Brees and Payton and the Saints. But don’t sleep on the Panthers. They have a defense and perhaps Cam takes a step forward.

NFC West

1) 49ers 12-4

2) Seahawks 11-5

3) Rams 7-9

4) Cardinals 6-10


The NFC West probably has the 2 best defenses in the NFC and I expect those 2 defenses to contend for the title with the Super Bowl loser 49ers coming out on top.

AFC Wild Card Round                                                 NFC Wild Card Round

6) Steelers at 3) Patriots                                             6) Saints at 3) Falcons

5) Bengals at 4) Ravens                                              5) Seahawks at 4) Giants

AFC Divisional Round                                                NFC Divisional Round

4) Ravens at 1) Texans                                              6) Saints at 1) 49ers

3) Patriots at 2) Broncos                                          4) Giants at 2) Packers

AFC Championship Game

2) Broncos at 1) Texans

NFC Championship Game

4) Giants at 1) 49ers

Super Bowl

Giants vs Broncos



Earlier this year, I made a bet with a friend. I said it would be an all-Manning Super Bowl in the Meadowlands. So, I can’t make any prediction without having that result. And in proper homer fashion, I picked my team to raise the trophy in their home stadium. A first in NFL history. How can I not pick them to win?


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