The World’s End

My Take: 3.5 STARS

My Take: 3.5 STARS

There is enough blue ink being splattered around that even Tobias Fünke would find it excessive, but underneath the “robot” mucus are 5 friends who are caught in the middle of an intergalactic network. The World’s End is raunchy, hilarious, violent, and even a bit moving.

This is the third film of the “Cornetto Trilogy,” and it is the most complete one of the lot. Edgar Wright directed and co-wrote the film with Simon Pegg (They co-wrote all three films). You can see the pair maturing as they go along this trilogy, as The World’s End is their most complex character study yet and reveals the darkest themes.

The World's EndSimon Pegg plays a repulsive and narcissistic 40-year-old who is stuck in his youth, yet is trying to recapture it. He holds onto his past to a point where it becomes just plain wrong, but as the film progresses we see the layers to his character. We see his struggles and shortcomings front and center and he takes on his fears and self-doubts while drinking himself to oblivion on the famed “Golden Mile” as “robots” who have taken over his hometown threaten to stop his lifelong dream.

And what makes this film click is how strong the supporting cast is. Not only are they all funny, but they, too, have layers of depth. You have Steve (Paddy Considine), who runs into his childhood crush and his true feelings come out, Peter (Eddie Marsan), who has dealt with childhood bullying, and finally you have Andy (Nick Frost), who seems like he has it together, but it is ultimately known that his life was falling apart and he made a conscious decision to go along for the ride to redeem himself with Pegg.

Alongside the great depth of character in the film, The World’s End is the most extravagant of the bunch, as its production value is the highest. The special effects are seamless and the action sequences are well choreographed. It is simply a blast to watch. And not to mention that the acting is also superb. Pegg and Frost deliver their best performances to date, which adds to the quality of the film.

I hate this fucking town!The World’s End is a strong conclusion to the trilogy and I hope that Wright, Pegg, and Frost team up for more movies, as all three of their films have been of the highest order of fun. They are all similarly structured, with stories centering around a pair of friends in a small town with problems. They thread jokes along perfectly and have a hard time jumping fences. I am going to miss the cornetto gag, but I look forward to what they think of next.


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