Grudge Match Trailer

Did you really think that Sly Stallone would not find himself in another boxing movie? I feel stupid for thinking he was hanging up his gloves, but Grudge Match pits him against Robert De Niro, who also is returning to the ring.

Plot line of two rivals who never squared off, so, obviously, having them fight in their 60s seems like the best time to finally see who comes out on top. Hopefully this is not the case with Mayweather and Pacquiao in the future. This is a movie. It is meant to be entertaining. Hopefully, it’s at least that much.

On the spectrum of Rocky movies, I would be perfectly content if it fell between Rocky III and Rocky IV, but who are we kidding. There is no Ivan Drago involved or, presumably, Cold War angst. We are probably looking at a film between Rocky IV and Rocky V.

Grudge Match opens on Christmas Day, 2013.


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