Metallica Through the Never


My Take: 3 STARS

Metal is anarchy. It is the counter culture that people in suits revile. If you are a fan of metal, you probably own a leather jacket and, at one time or another, tried to grow out your hair. Metal is emotional and raw. Metal is an outlet for frustration and anger. Metal is loud.

Metallica Through the Never is an escapade through metal. It is a surreal adventure for a young roadie named Trip (Dane DeHaan), who is sent on a quest during a Metallica concert to retrieve an item the band needed by the end of the show. The shots of Metallica’s concert footage are riveting and explosive (literally). The band is a machine that produces metal at an incredible rate, hitting each note with passion.

The directing of the live concert is imaginative and creative. Give director Nimrod Antal credit for creating an extremely immersive environment. He pans across a metal band with finesse and is able to capture the emotion and camaraderie of the band mates. Add in some top-notch special effects during the concert, and it is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

7 MetallicaDuring the concert, Metallica plays a song from each album (That’s if you count Load and Reload as one album and forget they made St. Anger). They crush through hits like “Creeping Death,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” and “Master of Puppets,” but also play some lesser known songs like “Hit The Lights” and “The Memory Remains.” However, their performance of “One” takes the cake. It is intro’ed with a spectacular bombardment of bullets, bombs, and explosions, and its visuals of soldiers marching is eerie and memorable. The song itself they kill, as they rip through it with vigor.

The concert is the brunt of the experience, but laced in between the footage is the adventure of Trip. His adventure is a metaphor for metal. It is chaotic, angry, violent, and surreal. To try and make sense of it would be futile. Instead, enjoy its rage and dark beauty. Metallica aren’t trying to raise moral questions with their narrative. They are simply attempting to be metal by creating a unique and creative visual experience for the viewer.

All in all, Metallica Through the Never is an exhilarating concert experience and one that any metal fan would enjoy.


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