Lucy Trailer

Scarlett Johansson being a badass? Yes, please! I mean, Johansson has become an action star of sorts now with her Marvel character the Black Widow (hey, they’re making a stand alone movie for her too), but you oftentimes still think of her as more of the pretty face in a romantic-type movie, so it is interesting to see her expand her roles into the action side of things. She is still a gorgeous woman, but maybe you haven’t thought of her of a lady who could kick ass, but with that being changed in the Marvel universe, she has now gone on to other action roles. Neat!

Arbitrary statement of how this is a science fiction movie. I am a sucker for anything science fiction – let’s call it a character flaw – so, this is a premise that even without ScarJo – I know, she doesn’t have a liking for that nickname – as the leading lady that would have caught my attention. Johansson only adds to my interest, as, well, she is just great to look at.

And allow me to speculate, but I get the sense this movie is titled Lucy because of its historical context and how “Lucy” is the common name of AL 288-1, the most complete bone structure collected of the oldest known biped, a discovery that has helped scientists an enormous amount since its discovery. Or they just liked the name Lucy, but that’s not as fun to think about.

Lucy hits theaters August 8, 2014. I’ll be waiting.


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