Star Wars Rebels Trailer

What better trailer to focus on this week than one for Star Wars’ upcoming new show? I mean, today is the official Star Wars day . . .

This trailer was released today in honor of celebrating Star Wars on May the fourth. Recently, news was released that only the films and The Clone Wars will be considered canon in the Star Wars expanded universe, which came at the displeasure of many who have an affinity to all the Star Wars EU material that has come out. However, I see where Disney is coming from. They see what Marvel is doing by creating an expansive universe, so why not do the same? I get it. They want their creative team to have full reign over the upcoming story lines and not have to rely on previous material. And, for the record, I don’t see it as discrediting all the work that has previously went into this universe.

Anywho, Star Wars is moving forward with this new television series and I, of course, am excited. No official date for the premier has been announced, but expect it to debut this fall on the Disney Channel (the subsequent episodes will air on Disney XD).


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