Interstellar Trailer

In 2013, Gravity was released. In my opinion, that was the best science-fiction movie of the 21st century. What Cuaron accomplished in that film still – and will always – blow my mind. Now the year is 2014 and another talented director is tackling my favorite genre: Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan has cemented himself as one of the best, most creative directing minds out there and Interstellar seems like another winner. I know, it’s early, but this movie will probably be my favorite of 2014. I could have guessed that a few years ago when I first heard of the conceptual idea for this film.

When I first heard Nolan was making a science-fiction movie around the premise of a wormhole, I started dreaming. Dreaming of all the possibilities of what that film could accomplish. I often dream of the stars, and the cosmos, and what it would be like to time-travel (If that’s even the purpose of a wormhole. The great thing about outer space is that there are no boundaries. A director’s options are limitless). What it would be like to sink into the vast abyss of space and time; the blurring of reality and age and of all things we conceive of on earth. I dream of living forever or not even living at all. Christopher Nolan’s dreams trump mine every day of the week.

Interstellar lands in theaters on November 7, 2014.


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