Foxcatcher Trailer

I am a sucker for anything Channing Tatum. Whether it is a serious movie, an action movie, or a funny movie, Tatum is just the man. Foxcatcher falls under the serious movie category for Mr. Tatum, which is nice, since we get to see his acting chops, which are better than what he gets credit for. He is more than just a pretty face. He can act a little too, you guys. Case in point: Magic Mike.

Then there’s Steve Carell, who is one of the funniest people out there and one of my personal favorite funny guys (Date Mike, Prison Mike, Michael Scott). So it is great to see him take on a serious role as well, because dude can act. The extensive make-up is hard to get used to, so we’ll see if it adds anything to Carell’s performance. Also, we’ll see how seriously he is taken as an Oscar candidate if his performance is worthy. Maybe being known more for comedic roles hurts him.

This is Bennett Miller’s third feature-length film. His previous two – Capote and Moneyball – were critically acclaimed. Dan Futterman co-wrote this film. He also wrote Capote, so Miller seems to have the right ingredients to making another superb film.

And honestly, I don’t know the “shocking true story” behind this film and I don’t think I want to find out until after I see it and do my fact checking then. So, going into it, I’ll be more surprised by whatever terrible things happen. As long as Channing Tatum doesn’t die, I’ll be happy.

Foxcatcher is in theaters on November 14, 2014.


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