Dumb and Dumber To Trailer

Dumb and Dumber is a comedy classic. It’s pure gold. I like. I like it a lot. So, I was apprehensive when I heard a sequel was in the works. But then I remembered that the Farrelly Brothers wouldn’t make this movie unless they had the right script, a lot like the Anchorman sequel, which wasn’t bad at all. Yes, these sequels seem unnecessary, because, well, they are, but at the end of the day, if the movie is funny the movie is funny and that’s really all that matters.

It’s weird though, Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are SO OLD. Jeez. Yes, it’s been 20 years since the first one, so putting two actors into the same role twenty years later makes it easier to compare. And it’s funny, Jeff Daniels won an Emmy for his role on The Newsroom (even though there was a gasp, because Bryan Cranston didn’t win) and now he is reprising his role as Harry Dunne, dog-grooming extraordinaire and prone to spells of violent diarrhea. Jim Carrey returns as Lloyd Christmas and will always have that extra pair of gloves you could use.

Also, love the intentional misspelling of “two.”

This next chapter in stupid is released into theaters November 14, 2014.


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