Boardwalk Empire Trailer

HBO’s Atlantic City gangster drama is coming to a close. After two initial stellar seasons, Boardwalk Empire has been shaky, as it has substituted character arcs for blood splatter. Also, the ambiguity of who to root for those first two seasons was put to rest with Jimmy Darmody, opting for clear, over-the-top villains.

And it looks like that is what we are getting in this final season as well with Lucky Luciano putting on his bad boy shoes.

However, the expensive set pieces and elegant outfits makes Boardwalk a sleek, enjoyable genre piece. It has a sense of the era and the people who would inhabit it. If Winter weaves in the character arcs like he did early on, then the final season could go out on a high note.

The final season of Boardwalk Empire premiers on HBO on September 7th.


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