Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to think about this one. I enjoyed Monsters and in retrospect, I enjoyed the fact that it was a solid stand-alone film. Well, now a sequel is on the way and apparently it is getting the franchise treatment, which means more action and less plot. Most likely.

Director Gareth Edwards is not behind the helm and is not penning the script, so it likely will be what I fear, which is a big-budget franchise film. However, looking on the positive side, he is an executive producer and is rumored to direct another Monster movie down the line (like number 4 or something. Yes, the 4th installment), so, there is the possibility that he is helping to storyboard the films, which could mean that this one has enough plot, character development, and social commentary that made the initial film so forceful and fresh. Or maybe I’m dreaming.

There is actually no release date for this film in the U.S. So, just keep an eye out.


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