The Imitation Game Trailer

I have a sneaking suspicion that Benedict Cumberbatch is getting an Oscar nomination. If you have seen his work in the BBC drama Sherlock, then you know the dude can act. And his character of Sherlock Holmes does not seem to be far off from The Imitation Game’s Alan Turing. Both seem to be geniuses who solve puzzles, except I don’t think Turing has a mind palace, so there’s that difference at least.

And this is prime subject matter that the Academy looks for. It is a period piece around a true story that pits good vs. evil. These are the types of films that get heavy recognition and if this film fires on all cylinders, then they have a chance for some awards.

Turing’s friend and fellow code-breaker is Joan Clarke, played by Keira Knightley. She seems to be a motivational and inspirational character for Cumberbatch’s Turing. I am excited to see the chemistry that these two may possess. Fellow prominent British actors Mark Strong and Charles Dance are also in the film. Strong is actually playing a British man, which is nice. His accent in films has be American English more times than not. And Dance, whose time on Game of Thrones is up, also has a role in the film. If anything, this film sports a wide array of British accents, which will be pleasing on the ear, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Imitation Game breaks into theaters on November 28, 2014.


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