Peanuts Trailer

A trailer for a movie that comes out NEXT Christmas!? Good grief!

Humble beginnings for the Peanuts. as they started out as a simple cartoon strip and have morphed into cultural icons. They have become a holiday staple, with their excursions of pumpkins, turkeys, and christmas gifts always on the tube. Now, they are transitioning onto the big screen for the first time since 1980! That film was titled Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!!). Lies. Lies. Lies! Because now they are coming back 25 years later.

I, for one, was never a huge Peanuts person. As a kid, I never gravitated to them. But who doesn’t know Lucy pulling the football under Charlie Brown’s feet, or Snoopy napping on top of his dog house, or Linus and his blanket, or the ambiguous words of the adults. These characters are a part of American culture and an update on the group seems only appropriate. This is America after all. We live for nostalgia.

Peanuts currently has a release date of November 6, 2015.


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