Rangers Report Card: Week 2



Week 2 results

10/13: vs. Winnipeg L 4-1

10/15: @ Montreal L 3-0

10/18: vs. New Jersey L/OT 2-1


Offense: F

The Rangers may have just had a tough week playing excellent goalies, as Carey Price is the reigning Vezina winner and Corey Schneider is no slouch himself. And then there was Michael Hutchinson’s performance for Winnipeg on Tuesday, where he had 40 saves on 41 shots. That game can be chalked up to a hot goalie, but the chances the Rangers created were never pressing, mostly shots from the point. 2 goals in 3 games for the third highest scoring team from a year ago is unacceptable.

Defense: B-

The Rangers defensemen were staunch. Giving their oppositions minimal scoring chances. However, they need to help out in the offensive game. They did not contribute at all offensively last week and have barely done anything all season. They need to step it up offensively to help the struggling forwards. Rick Nash may not be scoring, but his presence is being help on the defensive end. Goals will eventually come, but his effort is there.

Goaltending: A

Henrik Lundqvist was superb all week. 2 of the goals against Winnipeg were unsighted by Lundqvist, so not much blame there. Although he did say he needed to do a better job to find the puck. That’s what makes him a great competitor. He has been a slow starter the last few years, but has come flying out of the gates this season.

Special Teams: D

The Rangers were 11-13 on the penalty kill, but the two goals they surrendered were both to the Jets in that 4-1 loss and were a contributing factor in that loss. However, where this team really earned that D grade was on the man advantage, where they went 0-12 and even allowed a short-handed goal against the Jets. That Jets game was a travesty for their special teams. The Ranger power play was hot and cold last year too, so this is nothing new, but they have the talent to have an above average power play.


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