Rangers Report Card: Week 4



Week 4 results:

10/30 vs. Toronto: W 3-1


Offense: C

Toronto has been a terrible defensive team and rank 28th is GA/G. However, the Rangers were only able to put two in past Bernier. Only the reunited line of Nash/Brassard/Zuccarello provided any fluidity on offense. Maybe we can blame it on the long layoff, but that’s still no excuse to only put two goals in on this team. The Rangers have another 3 days off before they play a very good Washington side. Rangers need to create more chances if they want to beat Holtby.


Defense: A-

Defensively, the Rangers were solid. Lundqvist had an easy time in front of the net, as most shots came from the outside. Albeit, Toronto is tied for 28th in the league in scoring, so it is not like they are a juggernaut, but they did what they had to do.


Goaltending: A-

Can’t give Lundqvist the full A grade, since one did sneak by him, but he was superb. He gobbled up the puck and his rebound control was on point. He was clearly not effected by the layoff. The only puck that did beat him was fortuitously deflected by a one-handed Lupul. Hank’s stellar season continues.


Special Teams: F

The Rangers were never on the penalty kill, so this rating is skewed a bit, but their power play went 0-3 and registered only 1 shot on goal. They were stagnant moving the puck and barely created any offense. The Rangers power play has been below average this season and is the only aspect on this team that is not working.


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