Rangers Report Card: Week 5


Week 5 results

11/3 vs. Washington: W 5-2

11/6 at Colorado: W 2-1

11/7 at Arizona: W 4-1

Offense: B

The Rangers scored 5 goals against Brayden Holtby and the Caps, which is an impressive sum. It didn’t seem like the Rangers got into a groove that game, but they capitalized on the chances they got and the turnovers they caused. For the two west coast games, well, the goalies they faced looked less than stellar, especially Mike Smith, who let in some real softies. All in all, the Rangers offense looked solid, even without Rick Nash for the mini road-trip.

Defense: B

Four total goals allowed in 3 games is an impressive total, but they allowed 30+ shots in each game. That is not a recipe for success in the long term. For the most part, many of those shots came from the outside, but they still need to do a better job of not allowing those shots through to help the goaltenders out.

Goaltending: A

These goaltenders for the Rangers have been something else. Lundqvist has a .945 SV% and Raanta is at .976 through his 3 starts. The Rangers are number one in goals against this season and look no further than these two, who have been outstanding this season. When the defense gets a little shaky, it is comforting to have goaltenders that can steady the ship.

Special Teams: B

The power play, which has been much maligned this season, showed signs of life last week. The Rangers went 2-7 on the man advantage and looked pretty threatening. An encouraging sign moving forward. The stellar penalty kill, however, did not look as solid, as they only killed off 9 of 11. Still not a bad percentage, but not up to the usual standards the Rangers look for.


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