Trailer of the Week: Game of Thrones

“The long night is coming,” Jon Snow says, “and the dead come with it.” These words spoken after the faces of Eddard, Robb, Joffery and Catelyn are shown. In short, the faces of the dead. These faces are located in the House of Black and White and, more specifically, the Hall of Faces.

Game of Thrones is so big, that any sort of trailer or teaser will get people excited. Viewers are all in with this show, and I count myself as one of those people. This trailer may not be giving us much, but it does give us nostalgia for former characters on the show. And for the keen ear, the same music from the massacre at Hardhome is played, which really gets my blood pressure going and is a stark reminder of the threat of the long night.

Death is an inevitability and a facet of Game of Thrones that the storytellers remind us all too often and this new trailer is a reminder that more death is to come, as we see a wall in the hall that is filled with the faces of the currently living. The Many-Faced God always seeks death. Who is it coming for next? Valar Morghulis.



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