Trailer of the Week: Taboo


If you’re like me, then you watch a lot of television. And if you’re even more like me, you love FX. For my money, FX has passed HBO as the best network on TV. Game of Thrones is easily my favorite show and Silicon Valley and Veep might be the two best comedies, but their lineup is wearing thin and they don’t have a deep bench, which happens when you only air shows on Sunday nights.

Now, FX merely bought the rights to this show, which is a BBC property, but they are the one taking the chance on it, which is what FX does best. Some stuff doesn’t work, but most of what they put to air is great. The Americans and Fargo are two of the best shows out there, so when you tell me that they have a miniseries coming out that stars Tom Hardy and is produced by Ridley Scott I am so in. Ridley Scott can be hit or miss sometimes, but when his work is good it is usually great. And Tom Hardy is one of the more interesting actors out there and this character really really seems to be out there.

And I cannot finish this post without mentioning Oona Chaplin and Jonathan Pryce’s presence in this miniseries. Both have appeared on Game of Thrones and Chaplin was also briefly in Sherlock, so she is in two of my fandoms! Also, she is really attractive. You don’t need to take my word for it, because there are pictures.

Lastly, Steven Knight is a co-creator. He may not be a big name, but he also created the acclaimed Peaky Blinders and wrote and directed Locke, which starred Tom Hardy. Both of those I have been wanting to watch for a while, so maybe now is the time to finally do just that.

There has not been an exact release date for this yet, but it seems like a nice summer run if you ask me.


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