Trailer of the Week: Ghostbusters

I was talking to this kid recently. He was, oh, about 19 years old, and we were chatting about random stuff and he brought up this scary movie he recently watched. I can’t remember what movie it was, but it concerned ghosts. Probably one of those Paranormal Activity movies. Anywho, he said it was scary in which I replied, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” He gave me this lifeless stare back and after a few moments of uncomfortable silence he muttered, “okay.”

Okay? Okay!! How on God’s green earth have you never heard that phrase before? How!? Dumbfounded, I then went around to every person I could find and said that same phrase to gauge the reactions. Unsurprisingly, the people I asked knew. However, my curiosity was still peaked. This kid was 19. He had no idea what Ghostbusters was, which made me eternally sad.

The point of this story is this: the reboot of this franchise is a great move. The original came out in 1984, which is over 30 years ago. By making this film, they are going to open up that classic to a brand new audience. That is definitely a good thing. article-ghostbusters-0710

And the way this new film came about is refreshing, not overdone or a simple grab for money. The all-female cast can tell a similar story, one about ghosts inhabiting New York City, but do so with a female perspective. There’s that saying that there are only so many stories to tell, but an infinite amount of ways to tell that story. Well, this is one of those times where that saying rings true.

I absolutely LOVE this cast. Melissa McCarthy is just one of those people who can make me laugh doing pretty much anything. She could show up, stand in a room full of people, and just stand funny. And this sketch pretty much sums her up.

Also in that sketch are SNL cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. McKinnon is quickly approaching McCarthy territory for me. She slays SNL and I think this proves it. She is a star in the making. Leslie Jones does not get the screen time that Kate gets, but she is also a solid member who is in her comfort zone when she gets to yell at another human, which we see in this film. We also see her break multiple times from McCarthy’s schtick in that video link. Like I said, she can just show up and be funny. Jones is even breaking before anything happens. The always great pre-emptive laugh.

Rounding out the SNL cast member part of the film is former member Kristen Wiig, who is in prime dork form in this trailer. I say SNL part, because this post would be a failure if I didn’t mention Chris Hemsworth. Just look at this:


That’s perfection, folks.

Wrangling this cast together is filmmaker Paul Feig. Feig has an outstanding track record for creating big time laughs and solid comedies, so I am confident that this new reboot will be entertaining. We can’t compare this to the originals. That would be a disservice to everyone. Just go in and laugh, because you will.

July 15, 2016 is when this film hits theaters.


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