Trailer of the Week: Game of Thrones

There is so much going on here and so much to comprehend. This trailer which swiftly checks in with our favorites from Westeros and Essos again and ascends the hype for season six to another level. Here are some things of note that I am most interested in:

  • Jon Snow is definitely dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Kit Harington confirmed as much recently. But obviously he’s coming back, right? Like, he can’t stay dead, can he? I mean, Lady Melisandre, a disciple of the Lord of Light, is at the Wall. Surely she can bring him back, like Thoros did to Beric all those times. He was able to bring him back, not due to his love and devotion for the Lord of Light, but because Lord Beric was his friend and he did not want him to die. We have seen in the short time they have been together that Melisandre and Jon have a connection. And like Sam says, Jon always comes back . . .


  • Lady Melisandre’s faith is deeply lacking. She says, “the great victory I saw in the flames . . . all of it was a lie.” She is wounded and feels deserted by the Lord of Light after Stannis and his army is easily dispatched. But it is often in our darkest times that we see our true path.
  • Rounding out all of this Jon Snow talk is Lord Davos, who might be my favorite living character on the show (Jon is technically still dead, so I can say this). “I’ve never been much of a fighter,” says Davos, “apologies for what you’re about to see.” Now obviously this is speculation, but it seems to me that he is going to kill some traitorous men of the Night’s Watch. Why would he do that? Possibly because they are guarding Jon Snow’s body, which we see on a slab at multiple points in the trailer. That would be my guess. Either way, I am in for some Onion Knight action. And it is totally boss that he has Longclaw. Makes the whole “resucing Jon Snow” ordeal that much more epic.
  • “Order your men to step aside or there will be violence,” Lancel Lannister says to Cersei, who is standing next to a giant, uh, whatever you want to call what the Mountain has become and she says, in an IDGAF tone “I chose violence.” This sums up much of the trailer, as there is war and violence everywhere. Closer examinations of these quick shots reveal multiple houses in play. I am not going to get into it much here, but, uh, a flashback to Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark battling Rhaegar seems like it’s going to be a thing this season, which makes me giddy. When this show is over after 8 seasons, we know we are going to get some sort of spinoff and my money is on that exact topic. The events leading up to the Robert becoming King is still important to the show, so why not give the people what they want and show us all of the awesome things we have heard about, like the strength and killing ability of Robert, the way Barristan Selmy painted with red, the all-around nice guy/badass that was Rhaegar, and King Aerys II, the man who just wanted to watch the world burn. What a show that would be!



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