Trailer of the Week: Doctor Strange

I’ll be honest, I literally knew nothing about Doctor Strange, but I am all about some Benedict Cumberbatch, so I was in for whatever this was before seeing any pictures or watching this trailer. After watching the trailer, I still don’t really know what Doctor Strange is about or what powers he has, but I am even more in.

I get a really strong martial arts vibe from this trailer. Something mystical and strange is at works. For me, it is really neat to be blind to anything that is going to be in this movie. And, like I said, I love Cumberbatch. His turn as Sherlock is one of the very best performances on television and Sherlock is one of the best shows television has to offer. Fans of the show, myself included, have been upset at the lack of Sherlock, as Cumberbatch has risen as a bonafide Hollywood star. So, we have to wait for more Holmes, but if this movie turns out to be solid, the wait will be better. Heck, it could be an all-Cumberbatch holiday season as this movie hits theaters in November and Sherlock might start airing around Christmas (though no date has been confirmed as yet). Also, love the very Holmesy ending to this trailer with the wavy coat/cape. Peak Cumberbatch there.


Besides from all the Cumberbatch I want, I must say Tilda Swinton’s character seems awesome. According to IMDB, her character’s name is The Ancient One. And she’s bald. And she turns Benedict into a some sort of specter. Like, WTF goes on here? I’m sold. Although, apparently there is some backlash as to the “white-washing” of Swinton’s character. For me, for someone without any knowledge of the comics, I was ignorant of who or what Swinton was playing. I will give the film the benefit of the doubt until I actually see it and see what they are trying to do. Too often today we jump to criticize. Maybe the “outrage” is justified, or maybe it is just the new thing the internet wants to get mad at. Either way, my opinion will be reserved. Swinton is a terrific actress who can hide in her own skin. I am looking forward to seeing her.

Mads Mikkelsen is also apparently in this movie, and like the Rogue One trailer, he is absent. He doesn’t even have a confirmed character name, so everyone is in the dark with this.

Doctor Strange seems more like a Japanese Kung-fu flick than a Marvel production, which is not a bad thing. Marvel has the good will of the people and can take some creative liberties. After seeing this trailer, I am more excited for it than I was before.

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th, 2016.


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