Game of Thrones: What I’m Excited About

We are now only 3 more sleeps until season six of Game of Thrones starts. This is the latest we have had to wait for the show to start, and after ending on such a huge moment last season too. With only a few seasons remaining, we are nearing the end. The questions we have contemplated for years will become answers. The story lines, which have sprawled across Westeros and Essos alike, will merge to tell the story it has always wanted to tell: A song of ice and fire.

So, as Sunday night draws nearer, here are a few of the biggest things I am excited to see this season.

The Return of Jon Snow


Jon Snow’s death at the end of the 5th season has left everyone feeling helpless. We all know he’s dead, that much is clear. You see the life leave his eyes, as his body bleeds out in the snow. But he’s coming back. He always comes back. From the first teaser poster for season six to the trailers to everyone’s commitment to say he’s dead, it’s obvious there is a game being played.

Now, the only question is how he returns. Safe money is on Lady Melisandre, which then begs the question of her skill set. She led Stannis to his untimely demise and roasted his daughter due to her belief in the Lord of Light. However, she returned to Castle Black in despair, questioning everything she knew. We have seen the ability to bring back the dead before and it was an act that Melisandre could not believe was possible. But remember Thoros’ explanation? He saw his friend die and just wanted him back. It was genuine. And the Lord responded by reviving Beric. All this time, Melisandre has been using the Lord’s power and her vision for the power grab of Stannis, but when she sees or hears that Jon Snow is dead, she will have lost a friend. Her love for Jon will bring him back, probably with some coaxing from Davos that this is something she can do.

The Return of Bran


A slightly different return. Lots of stabbing here too. But instead of men of the Night’s Watch, it was a bunch of wights. And instead of a Stark (or Stark blood, or perceived Stark blood), Bran was luckier than his half brother. It was only Jojen who was being repeatedly shanked by wights, as Bran warged into Hodor in attempts to stave off the attack. All that culminated with Bran meeting the three-eyed raven. Bran has been getting visions of this dating back to the first season, so it was a pretty big deal to finally get there. As the heir to Winterfell, Bran will surely have a part to play, but that’s not until later. For now, what I am most interested in is what he has been up to in the offseason. How will they do it? Will they show some of his training? If so, how much? And what exactly is he training to do? Or will it time-jump and show him in midseason form? Maybe we get a training montage in the style of Rocky. Lots of ifs concerning this storyline.

Dany Reunited with the Dothraki


Daenerys started her quest for the iron throne with a Dothraki army in the first season. We all know how that went. Since, she has been on a circuitous path around Essos trying to gain an army strong enough to win a war, as well as wait to have her dragons mature. Her army of the unsullied will work, but as the late Ser Barristan Selmy said, they lack the will to win. They are not a group that will rally around Dany. She needs some passion. We have all seen the passion of the Dothraki and how their fighting skills are renowned and feared. They just might be what Dany needs to head back to Westeros . . . and find the place overridden with White Walkers. That’s if she can get them on her side.

The Night’s King and Those White Walkers


When you put the events of this show in perspective, the war for the iron throne is trivial compared to the threat of the White Walkers. Melisandre screwed up with Stannis, but she had that much right.  Davos also understands the threat. And Jon, after he comes back, will be relieved of his Night’s Watch duties (because Night’s Watch vows are until death and Jon died) and attempt to raise an army to combat the undead, mixed with wildlings and northmen. That’s my guess at least. And remember how I said the story lines will begin merging? Well, this is how. Nothing brings people together like certain death. Jon will have his army. Daenerys will have her army. Oh, and she will also have her dragons, which brings us to Bran and his warging ability. Bran was told by the three-eyed raven that he will never walk again, but he will fly. Just imagine. The return of Azor Ahai (Jon Snow) on the battlefield with Dothraki warriors, with Daenerys riding a dragon controlled by Bran. The thought of that brings me chills, but I am getting ahead of myself. Last season we finally saw the capabilities of the White Walkers. And with their looming threat a major issue now, I’m sure we will see more of their work this season.


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