Trailer of the Week: Jason Bourne

I wrote about the first teaser trailer for this movie, which debuted during the Super Bowl, and how it definitely played up the action to serve that audience. Don’t get me wrong, this trailer also has its fair share of action, because that’s what trailers do, but there is much more focus on the underlining story facing Bourne.

“I know who I am,” says a voiceover from Bourne, “I remember. I remember everything.” Which prompts Julia Stiles to say, “remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.”

“Tell me.” Yes. Tell me, too. There is always more to find out in the world of spies. And I just love the fear people have when they see Jason Bourne. They know his capabilities and determination. He is a walking path of destruction, when he needs to be.

“You’re not gonna find any peace,” Tommy Lee Jones says to Bourne, “Not til you admit to yourself who you really are.” Then the trailer cuts to Bourne knocking out a man with a single, brutal punch (we have seen often how good this man is with his hands). It is the same scene the trailer opens with. Bourne. In a desert, surrounded by a a circle of people, knocking out some dude.


But like, dude, Matt Damon is 46. How does he have a six pack? 

I love the symmetry this trailer provides by using that scene to begin and end the trailer. It is a perfect representation of Bourne himself, ending right back where you start off. Essentially, it is how the first three movies were handled. No matter how much Bourne tried, he couldn’t escape his ultimate fate.

Now what fate is in store for our super agent? What brought him back? What did he need to know? I am very excited to see a new chapter in the Bourne story.

Jason Bourne hits theaters on July 29, 2016.


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