Trailer of the Week: Star Trek Beyond

It has been a big week for Trekkers. First, the teaser trailer for the new CBS show debuted this week. Now, a new trailer for the next sequel in the rebooted Star Trek series dropped. The first came under much scrutiny for being “too actiony,” but I mean, these are trailers, guys. Cool it. Simon Pegg wasn’t a fan of the trailer, either, but he understands there is more to the movie (He did write it, so he would definitely know). Obviously, Paramount wants this film to show the action elements to draw in a bigger box office haul and just hope the fans of the franchise come no matter what.

And here’s the thing, I trust Simon Pegg. A lot. He understands Trek and, more importantly, he understands the difference between Trek and Star Wars. Clearly, we are in a new age with movies and action and box office draws, so studios want money more so than a strong Trek film, but there is no reason we can’t have a little of both. I have said this before, but if Gene Roddenberry had the technology we have today, I’m sure he would have made The Original Series a little more action based. Perhaps not Into Darkness action, but definitely Wrath of Khan action, which is perhaps the strongest Trek movie to date. As long as the action serves the story, then I think we should all be okay.

We see in the trailer how Kirk is struggling with self-identity and draws comparisons to his father. He feels unworthy to be a Starfleet captain, so presumably this is going to have maturation aspects with the captain of the Enterprise. Maturation. A common theme amongst the greatness of Pegg’s Cornetto trilogy, so a theme Pegg can handle with ease.

And we do see some classic Trek ideologies in the trailer, with Spock’s “illogical” comments about fearing death and Bones replying, “fear of death is what keeps us alive.” Always enjoy the ways those two men think, the logic of Spock up against the human nature of Bones. That could have been an exchange right outta 1968. And the trailer ends with a classic Kirk snippet, as he utters, “I think you’re underestimating humanity.” That is a viewpoint that every iteration of Star Trek holds. Kirk, and others, are always out to show that the animalistic nature of their past (which is our present) is what led them to the people they are today (our future). So this trailer gives us more to chew on and look forward too.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22, 2016.


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