Trailer of the Week: Sully

Tom Hanks is a gem and we should relish every role he plays. I was skeptical about this film being announced, but attaching Hanks to it caught my attention. He is the best “everyman” in Hollywood. Each role he is, he brings a certain nuance and familiarity to the character. Yes, some of this is attributed to the script, of course, but he is the script come to life. He is the ordinary school teacher with shaking hands in Saving Private Ryan.  He is the freighter boat captain who lives through an ordeal with pirates in Captain Phillips. He is . . . that guy in the Dan Brown books come to life. Okay, maybe not a lllllll are winners.

But this trailer really does a great job in drawing out the tension. I am all in on every Anna Gunn performance. Girl can act. And Clint Eastwood directs, who is 86 years old. God damn. When I’m 86, the best I can hope for is sitting in a chair all day, sipping on some Arnie Palmers. Yet, Eastwood is directing motion pictures. What a workhorse.

However, this movie runs through some typical tropes. Pilot goes through a traumatic event. His entire life is questioned, from his home life to his drinking. Resiliency kicks in, as the titular character knows he made the right choice. Haters hate. There. You have a film. But it is not always the plot that makes a movie great, as we all know how this story ends, it is how the director chooses to tell that particular story. Creativity in storytelling. It’s a thing.

Sully hits theaters September 9th, 2016.


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