If you soundtrack your trailer to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” then you better have a good product. Logan, the next and presumably final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman, takes on an edgy and dark future of everyone’s favorite immortal, sideburns toting mutant. However, this film’s insight into the mythical character shows a person who has lost his way. A person who is no longer the Wolverine who fights for what he stands for. No. We see Logan. The man ending his life alone.

I am all in on this film. One last hurrah for Jackman, who has been playing Wolverine for almost 20 years, as his first escapade was in X-Men in 2000. That’s a long time to play and character. And the best part is that Wolverine doesn’t age, which is great because neither does Hugh Jackman.

Also making an appearance in this film is Sir Patrick Stewart, reprising his role as Professor X. Adding him to this film adds an extra layer of nostalgia for me. Reuniting old friends, as they age together. He makes us care that much more for Logan and has always been there to push him to bigger and better things, and, most importantly, give him a purpose that he has always so desperately needed.

James Mangold is the director and he directed the last Wolverine movie, The Wolverine. Mangold has an established career and even helmed Walk the Line (no wonder he put a Johnny Cash song in the trailer) and I am excited to see a darker take on the comic character. It hasn’t been officially rated, but speculation is that this film is going to be R-rated, which means Wolverine/Logan is going to slash some fools!

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.


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