Life Trailer

There is life in the universe. That I am certain of. Exploring our universe for new life should be the ultimate goal of space travel, though it’s becoming more and more evident that we will need to leave this planet first, because we are killing it. So, priorities. But that’s neither here nor there, this film is about the idealist view that JFK’s noble speech about space travel comes to fruition. We won the space race. But what about the race for life? That is an interesting question this film poses.

We see how divided our earth is now, so wouldn’t it be natural to squabble over who found life outside of earth? Does it matter? What does it mean? How do we study it? These are all questions that I want the film to explore. It would be a significant jump in human civilization to find life somewhere other than earth. You know if this happened now there would be religious zealots who would still deny it, though there would be proof to the contrary. Heck, there are people on this planet who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old, so anything is possible when it comes to neglecting science.

The look of the trailer had an eerie similarity to Gravity, the Alfonso Cuarón masterpiece. However, the tone of this movie is dramatically different. This trailer hinges on some classic horror tropes, like the guy who is stuck in a room with an alien. This movie might be more thriller than thinker, but I am still intrigued enough to see it.

Daniel Espinosa is directing Life and I’ll be honest, I’ve never even heard of him. He is a Swede who directed one American film, Safe House, and he seems to have been given the reigns to a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s how Hollywood operates now. Give an unknown a chance to prove his chops, instead of more notable directors who may demand more. The cast is nothing to sneeze though. I’m sure the ladies will enjoy looking at Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Life hits theaters May 26, 2017.


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