Star Wars Rebels Trailer

The little engine that could. Star Wars Rebels just finished up its third season with Grand Admiral Thrawn on the heels of our plucky band of rebels. As they say in the trailer: it’s all coming down to this. I say “little engine” because I feel as though this show has exceeded expectations. A spin-off Star Wars show introducing totally new characters and people seem to really connect with it. For me, Kanan Jarrus is a delightful add to the Star Wars universe. He is a complex, interesting character and I am always excited to see where his story is going and what decisions he chooses to make. His comic series is also very good and provides some crucial information about his past, as well A New Dawn, a novel that revealed the history of Kanan and Hera’s relationship.

Okay, I am getting away from the trailer and what makes Rebels its own intellectual property. As I was saying, this show is built on the backs of new characters, but there are familiar faces sprinkled along the way. Most prominently is Darth Maul, who is reintroduced and is put up against his foe Obi-Wan Kenobi. And Ahsoka is also brought back in spectacular fashion and is pitted against her foe/former ally Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. The finale of season two is about as epic as it gets. And in this most recent season, Thrawn is brought in. He was a big character in the expanded universe before Disney bought the rights, so there was lots of anticipation for him entering the fray.

I am very excited to see where this story goes and where they are going to end it in respect to the larger Star Wars universe. Last season there were grumblings of a massive weapon *cough cough* so that should seemingly play a role in the story. But also, how are each of these characters going to end up? Do any die? Because, like, none of them appear in the story moving forward, so they would seemingly at least disperse. Lots of ways to go. Can’t wait to find out!

There is no release date announced for the final season yet, but I assume it will be sometime this fall. Stay tuned.


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