5-25-77 Trailer

Fan culture in 2017 spans continents now with the internet, as theories and memes pop up like an out-of-control Tribble population. But before we were able to log onto the internet and share our thoughts, fans actually went out and made home made movies to celebrate what their eyes have witnessed. 5-25-77 is an homage to that sort of fan culture.

Watching this trailer you’ll notice that it seems old. Like it came out ten years ago or something. Well, you’d be half right. This movie was filmed in 2007, which is ten years ago, but it was never released into theaters. Just one of those movies that got made, but nobody saw.

5-25-77 stars John Francis Daley, who is of Freaks and Geeks fame. Talk about type-casting. Again, he is playing a dork who likes nerdy things. Shame that he came about when he did, because nerd culture has been on the rise from about 2007 on, so Daley could have found more roles to play as the nerd and the world would have been a better place.

Watching this trailer brought me lots of glee. References from all my favorite movies, ranging from Star Wars, 2001, to Star Trek. You pit all of these nerd pop culture points and you are bound to find an audience, especially now.

This movie is hitting theaters on 5/25/17, because symmetry is fun.


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