Ghosted and The Orville Trailers

Network television is not something that normally peaks my interest, but Adam Scott is. So color me surprised when I came across a trailer for a show called Ghosted starring Scott and Craig Robinson, a man whom I am also very fond of from his days on The Office. And when I watched the trailer, I noticed “up next” was a trailer for a Seth MacFarlane led show called The Orville. I like the cast of both shows and on top of that both are of the science fiction nature, which is a double win.

Ghosted seems to be a combination of the paranormal and alien abduction, as Scott and Robinson are tasked to help investigate some cases for a subset of the FBI. So much potential here, as Scott, a huge nerd, is a perfect star for a show of this nature. I will forever remember the countless amount of jokes Ben Wyatt says that concern nerd culture. So this shows seems very promising.

Then there is The Orville,Star Trek spoof. Seth MacFarlane is the creator, which should come as no surprise. He is a huge fan of Star Trek, so I am excited to see what he does with this show. It is an hourlong program, so there will be plenty of time to develop plot, while also filling the show with jokes and winks to Star Trek. And interestingly enough, it says Jon Favreau is directing the show. Now sure how many episodes he’d be directing, but he is a big movie director, so I cannot imagine it being all of it.

I love this bold lineup by FOX. Science fiction is a genre that dominates the movies, but is surprisingly barren on television, especially on network television. I am going to give both these shows a chance when they debut this fall.


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