Game of Thrones: Stormborn

It did not take long for this season to have its big set piece. But this is what we have to expect going forward. The wheels are turning. War is starting. And casualties will be had. “Stormborn,” showed a Daenerys who seems to be firmly in command, so it will be interesting to see how she handles her defeat. She will need Jon Snow, who is riding for Dragonstone, just as much as he needs her. But the big winner of this episode is none other than the Queen of King’s Landing.

Winner of the Week: Cersei Lannister


When we first see Cersei this episode, she is giving a patriotic speech about keeping foreigners out of the seven kingdoms. Afterwards, Qybrun brings her down to the dragon lair to show off a new weapon, a weapon eerily similar to that from The Hobbit. A dragon-killer. It is a weapon equipped with a giant arrow to shoot down one of Dany’s dragons. So yes, pretty much exactly like The Hobbit. This weapon, if someone is able to man it to take down one of Dany’s dragons, could turn the tide of the war and is a huge game changer.

That weapon alone is probably enough to win Cersei the week, but on top of that, Euron and his fleet of ships struck a huge blow to Dany’s fleet, which was eventually going to attack King’s Landing. In the battle, Euron Greyjoy sank what seemed like all of the ships and captured Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy, with Theon meekly jumping off the side of the ship. Presumably, this attack and capture of two prized woman is the gift Euron mentioned in the previous episode. In the upcoming episode, we should see him give these “gifts” to the Queen in return for his marriage. However, we should all keep notice of the fact Euron was cut by one of the Sandsnakes. We already saw once how they lace the tips of their weapons in poison, which almost killed Bronn in the past. This needs to play a factor again, otherwise why have the scene with Bronn in the first place other than to bring it back to now?

Loser of the Week: Theon Greyjoy


Like, what the fuck, Theon? Or should I say REEK! You flaming pile of shit. That was brutal, to see him change back into Reek, right in front of his sister and uncle, with Yara’s life in grave danger. He came up real small and followed the Monty Python way of facing danger: run away. Or, in this case, swim away. Damn, Theon, we believed it you. Way to let the realm down.

Biggest Takeaway: The Cersei/Dany War Won’t Be One-Sided


Going into this season, there was one glaring issue with the entire conflict between Cersei and Daenerys: one of these woman has dragons. It was a fundamentally unfair fight and without any sort of conflict this season could become, well, a little boring. Sure, we all want Cersei to die, but if it is simply Dany swooping in with her dragons and crushing her resistance in the blink of an eye, what is the point? Where is the entertainment? Where is the story?

So, inevitably, there is a counterpunch. Cersei lands a dragon-killing weapon and two huge allies to the Mother of Dragons. This will be a struggle, or at least has the makings to be a struggle. I assume we will lose a few more notable characters. Not saying that Yara and Ellaria are dead, but Ellaria will most likely get tortured for poisoning Marcella and probably lose her life in the painful process. Also, let’s keep an eye out for Bronn, whom I mentioned earlier. His life was saved by Tyene Sand, who was captured with her mother. It can’t be ruled out that Bronn returns the favor and rescues the most beautiful woman in the world.

Most Underrated Moment: The Return of Hot Pie


Is there any character more Westerosi than Hot Pie? I say no. He is stubborn, talks a big game, loves to eat and is a survivor (just like Arry). Pretty much Westeros in a nutshell. His return to the show brought me great pleasure. I’ll never forget his terrible wolf bread when he last saw Arya, and his improvement in baking the wolf bread when Lady Brienne came around. Now, who knows, maybe he’s running the joint! Either way, his scene with Arya is pivotal. He will be known as the person to point Arya in the right direction. And no, I don’t mean he gives her sage advice, like how everyone with armor is a knight, but he literally pointed her in the direction of home: Winterfell. Arya seems like she is heading for a dark path and is hell bent for King’s Landing to kill the Queen. But when Hot Pie mentions Jon Snow is ruling the North from Winterfell, you see a drop in her steely facade to finally let some emotion in.


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