Ready Player One Trailer

There has not been a director that has captured the audience’s imagination more than Steven Spielberg. I’m not going to run down the list, but we all know it. His track record makes him the ideal candidate to direct a film about a character whose imagination was captured by the 80’s and pop culture, presumably by the content that Spielberg himself created.

Now, I have not read the acclaimed book by Ernest Cline from which this film is based (Cline also co-wrote the script), so I am not sure what sort of pop culture is included, but a gambling man has to say some Spielberg is in there. You watch the trailer and you see snippets of a plethora of things we all recognize, and if we don’t, someone does. I will be sure to read to the book before the film, because if it is something that hooked Spielberg, it has to be good.

One interesting idea I gathered from the trailer is the fact the fictional world to escape to is called “The Oasis.” A pleasurable place in the middle of barrenness. This can be connected to our society now, with the escapism the internet provides people. It will be fascinating to see if this movie explores exactly how Earth become such a wasteland and if there are allegorical elements in this story and if so, what caused it. On the surface, it is easy to surmise at least a basic understanding of the downfall and that is the escapism provided by the internet. In the right hands, the internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good. But in the wrong hands, under the wrong circumstances, in the wrong state of mind, it can be a drug.

Ready Player One hits theaters on March 30, 2018.


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