Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice

It finally happened. Jon and Dany FINALLY met. From the show’s outset in season one, we could have anticipated the rise Daenerys would make. However, not the same could have been said about Jon, since he made the conscious decision to go finish his life at the wall. But here we are, 63 episodes in, and the two characters who have been become the show’s biggest stars finally, finally met. It was quite the moment.

Winner of the Week: Lady Olenna


It is rare, to say the least, that the winner of an episode is someone who died, but Lady Olenna went out the only way she could: with a mic drop. Jaime Lannister pulled the same move Robb Stark pulled on him in season one and left Casterly Rock open for attack, but swooped in to take out the Tyrell’s and capture Highgarden. By any indication, it is easy to call Jaime the real winner by advancing Cersei’s army and taking out a vital enemy and regaining some much needed food supplies.

But, no, that’s not how Lady Olenna plays the game. She was an expert chess mover throughout and took out some valuable pieces. However, she ultimately underestimated the pure evil of Cersei and made sure Jaime got the full scoop. In an amazing scene, she took down Jaime and warned him of the poison of his sister and how he is helping that disease spread. And you could see that Jaime was bothered by this, perhaps because he knows some of the things she is saying about Cersei is correct. But the real moment came when she revealed that she, herself, murdered Joffrey and how she did not intend for him to die in such agony. I never used that poison before, she admitted to Jaime, who was clearly shocked by the admission. She thought he was doing the honorable thing by giving her an easy, painless death, one he had to convince Cersei of, but she proved once against that a rose, even a dying one, has thorns.

Loser of the Week: Tyrion Lannister


For a second straight week, Team Dany took an L. This time by Jaime Lannister, who left his home of Casterly Rock for the taking, since he knew Tyrion would overvalue it. Instead, he marched to Highgarden and won a major victory. In two short weeks, we have seen a drastic turn of events. Tyrion’s plan of taking King’s Landing and Casterly Rock turned out to be a disaster. Maybe he is not the military mind he thinks he is. We saw in the episode how Ser Davos mentioned “almost” taking King’s Landing without dragons and Tyrion hangs on the word “almost,” as if winning the battle was a formality when it was far from.

Once Dany hears about yet another loss, she may have to resort to drastic measures. Lady Olenna did warn her about listening to clever men and finished her conversation in the previous episode by saying, “you’re a dragon. Be a dragon.” Powerful words and words that were definitely heard by Daenerys. I would be shocked if she allows Tyrion to continue planning the war and instead look elsewhere for advice. Jorah is riding to Dragonstone and I fully expect him to be back in the Mother of Dragons’ good graces. For Tyrion, well, he is walking on thin ice and his time as her hand may be coming to an end.

Biggest Takeaway: We get it, there are TWO Targaryens


The hype between Jon and Dany meeting is understandable. Everyone watching at this point knows that Daenerys is in fact NOT the last Targaryen. It was quite obvious that in the episode both characters acknowledged the wrong truth. Jon, walking up to Daenerys says, “I’m a Stark.” And a few moments later, Daenerys says to Jon, “I’m the last Targaryen.” And later in the episode, Bran mentions how he needs to talk to Jon. We all know what he is going to say and it is going to be epic and game-changing. How does the show move on from that knowledge? Will the people of the North still vouch for Jon knowing he has Targaryen blood? We all know how they feel about that situation.

And not just how everyone else feels, but how will Jon and Dany react? Dany has built up her whole legacy by claiming to be the last Targaryen, when we all know full well she isn’t. Once that news comes out, the show’s entire dynamic will change and it will send ripples around Westeros.

Most Underrated Moment: Bran’s Return to Winterfell


This was not a week where any scene in particular felt it went under the radar, as it was jam-packed with important content. But if there was one scene where its importance may not have been as prominent as it was led on to be it was the scene between Bran and Sansa. Bran returns home after a long, arduous journey through the North and is finally reunited with Sansa. However, it is clear that Bran is changed. He is the Three-Eyed Raven, which is hard to explain, at least that’s what Bran tells Sansa. What he also tells Sansa is how pretty she looked at her wedding and is sorry all that had to happen at home. Bran’s ability to see through time will be vital. How vital? Well, hard to say. But having the power to see all of time at once is incredible, and let’s not forget his ability to warg. Oh, also, let’s not forget Baelish’s monologue to Sansa moments before Bran arrives. How it is important to battle all your enemies at once and see everything at once. And then boom, Bran is back. Not a coincidence.


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