Death Wish Trailer

I feel like every time I write about a new trailer, it is some sort of remake or reboot. And here we are again and this time it is Death Wish, a cult favorite from the 70s. I have not seen the original film, but from what I gathered from other people talking about this trailer is that it is more a re-appropriation of the title than anything. I cannot speak to that, but I also can’t argue. Hollywood cares much more about reusing material and simply putting a name that people have heard of before than risk making new, interesting material. Just look at the new Jumanji trailer. God, nothing about that trailer brought back any nostalgia for the movie. Completely new material And I think that’s what we are getting here. So why not just call the movie something else? Why play this stupid game? Ugh.

But if you take the trailer for what it works, it looks half decent. Bruce Willis is fun and a solid action star, even at his advanced age. He brings the solid combo of comedy and thrills. You put him in a movie and I’ll be interested in seeing it.

Eli Roth, however, is a different story. He is a guy that has seemingly been more style than substance and the style has still been quite stale. Also, Roth’s MO is horror, not action, so I am not sold he has the directing chops to convincingly make an action flick.

Vigilante justice is also something we can get behind. Being an ordinary Joe and taking matters into your own hands is a compelling premise. But its a premise that did not need the extra hanger of being a reboot to a fan favorite movie. Just make a cool, new movie. I think that is a big reason John Wick was such a hit. People really gravitated to the original story being told, since we are all tired of reboots. But if the quality of Death Wish is good, then it’ll (mostly) be a moot point.

Death Wish hits theaters on November 22, 2017.


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